See You Again (Charlie Puth, Wiz Khalifa), Cover by One Voice Children's Choir

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2019 was Epic for One Voice Children's Choir! After celebrating a year of fast paced growth and increased visibility, we were invited to New York City to film a television show and perform in various places around Manhattan and Brooklyn. We fell in love with this incredible city, and our hearts are broken that it is once again the epicenter of pain and suffering.
This video is full of memories for us. During social distancing, when we are so lonely for our friends, it has given us comfort and hope. We hope it will help our viewers, friends and fans too!
One Voice Children's Choir is sending all of our love, positive energy and prayers to the strongest, most resilient city in the world. Stay Strong #nyc! We can't wait to See You Again!! #onevoice #oneheart
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"See You Again"
Words and Music by Andrew Cedar, Justin Franks, Charlie Puth, and Cameron Thomaz
Music produced, arranged and directed by Masa Fukuda
Recorded and mixed by Masa Fukuda @ One Voice Recording Studio
Mastered by Stoker White

Soloists (in order of appearance)
Hannah K.
Madison K. (duet)
Quinn J.
Hallie T.
Kate C.
Jaclyn M.
Video Credits:
Producer / Director: Kathie Steinagel
Production Assistants: Linda Jo Whitman, Liz Burt, Nate Burt Production Crew /
On Site Sound NYC: Harmony Steinagel, Benson Steinagel, Brandon Cecala
Cinematography and Editing: RJ Idos
For business inquiries contact:
Graphic design: Clarissa Douglas - Green Owl Design
Idos Media: RJ Idos, Morgan Steinagel
NYC Wardrobe Crew: Emily Childs (chairman), Ethline Taoho, Hayley Kling, McKenzie Weber Wardrobe Committee Members: Jeannette Liddell, Stephanie Nixon, Tara Callaway, Ethline Taoho, Hayley Kling, McKenzie Weber
Catering: Keli Kwok, Hayley Kling, McKenzie Weber

NYC Production Chaperones:
Stephanie Taylor, Michelle Kwon, Judy Smith, Erik Stevenson, Kirsten Hardcastle, Jaycie Fisher, Anne Marie McDonald, Alyssa Fukuda, Kristi Jarman

Special thanks from OVCC: Anne Marie McDonald, Emily and Scott Childs, Michelle Kwon, Kristi Jarman and Stephanie Taylor. You supported your kids in giving so many extra hours to make this happen. Thank you!
The City of New York, for welcoming us with open arms❤

RJ Idos for never giving up on us - and for making magic every time he picks up a camera!
Bill Brady & Alex Lawrence for your help on this project!

For all of the extra helping hands on site the day of filming and to our entire volunteer staff at One Voice. We couldn’t do this without you!
Sheet music for songs arranged by Masa Fukuda can be purchased through Gambel Oak Publishing:
So let the light guide your way
Hold every memory as you go
And every road you take will always lead you home
It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again


  1. One Voice Children's Choir

    One Voice Children's Choir

    4 bulan yang lalu

    Please comment your thoughts on this video! What brings you hope in the world?

    • Clara Muhayaya

      Clara Muhayaya

      26 hari yang lalu

      @One Voice Children's Choir it's lonely song but is very good song

    • Addi Hartman

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    • Marina Jhaslid Navarro Gomez

      Marina Jhaslid Navarro Gomez

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      Para mi esta cancion representa un sentimiento que me ayuda a superar mi dia a dia.

    • Semi Rahayu

      Semi Rahayu

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    Dan _YT

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  5. ramadhan rasya

    ramadhan rasya

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    wow good job i'm happy my friend i love a friend greeting from balikpapan utara hi. I am so happy that the child's voice is so good it makes me sad

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