Billie Eilish - my future

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Directed by:
Andrew Onorato
Produced by:
Chop Studio
Alex Dray
Andrew Onorato
Annie Zhao
Cliona Noonan
Ian Ballantyne
João Monteiro
Josh Trotter
Keith Kavanagh
Maddie Brewer
Nancy Li
Sarah Schmidt
Sean Anderson
Genesis Magat
Rick Sweden
Jarrod Prince
Andrew Onorato
Adam Henderson
Shane Dering
Music video by Billie Eilish performing my future. © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  1. kov


    4 detik yang lalu

    cant wait to meet her < 3

  2. Iko Iko

    Iko Iko

    43 detik yang lalu


  3. Skylar Productions

    Skylar Productions

    3 menit yang lalu

    I love the song but when she says “I’ll see u in a couple years” makes me cry idk why ...

  4. Chandni. Ku

    Chandni. Ku

    4 menit yang lalu

    "When I stop listening this song" 🙉🐸 *B* *I* *L* *L* *I* *E* *E* *I* *L* *I* *S* *H* 🔥

  5. Амир Атауллаев

    Амир Атауллаев

    6 menit yang lalu

    Здесь что-то умное. Так что стать лайк

  6. Lydia Jürgen

    Lydia Jürgen

    6 menit yang lalu

    Hi billi i❤️ you

  7. ᴢɴᴇᴇʙᴀ𖤍.


    7 menit yang lalu


  8. Pink haired potato

    Pink haired potato

    9 menit yang lalu

    Wow Bellie eilishs song is In god level

  9. Bils lil bby

    Bils lil bby

    10 menit yang lalu


  10. Bils lil bby

    Bils lil bby

    10 menit yang lalu


  11. Natasha Jones

    Natasha Jones

    10 menit yang lalu

    I saw this on insta on the music but the voice is too quitter for me I can’t hear half of it 😔

  12. Harry's Leben

    Harry's Leben

    11 menit yang lalu

    00:50 She does exactly the same as XXX.TENTACION, the songs are very similar, does this have a meaning?

  13. tom ramos

    tom ramos

    11 menit yang lalu

    I so hear Haley Reinhart influence on her. Yall should also check her out.

  14. Emanuel 3797 quarentena

    Emanuel 3797 quarentena

    11 menit yang lalu

    Nenhum brasileiro man,_,

  15. Strawberry Shortcake

    Strawberry Shortcake

    13 menit yang lalu

    This is a masterpiece. A true work of art. Like if you have listened to Billie before everyone knew about her. 💕🌻💛😍

  16. bimal bairagya

    bimal bairagya

    19 menit yang lalu

    Billie : I'm in love with my future Me : I'm in love with your voice, your hair, your songs, your everything!!!! I LOVE YOU BILLIE!!!

  17. Hector Olague

    Hector Olague

    23 menit yang lalu

    Biggest industry plant of the century

  18. Serena Potter

    Serena Potter

    27 menit yang lalu

    giving me steven universe vibes and I love it

  19. Taylor Hope

    Taylor Hope

    30 menit yang lalu

    This incredible holy shit

  20. Maritina Athanasiadou

    Maritina Athanasiadou

    30 menit yang lalu

    hi billie i lovee your voicee

  21. Danny


    30 menit yang lalu

    Al right who's here before tiktok kiddies found this Song

  22. Аня счастье

    Аня счастье

    31 menit yang lalu

  23. Vector Z Biedronki

    Vector Z Biedronki

    32 menit yang lalu

    Kinda boaring ngl

  24. Veronica Kelman

    Veronica Kelman

    37 menit yang lalu

    Obsessed with this song i hear it on repeat every freekin day

  25. andrick lee

    andrick lee

    37 menit yang lalu

    🥺💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 billieeee

  26. Sfea. Sleepy

    Sfea. Sleepy

    39 menit yang lalu

    This is giving me very tiana vibes 😌🥺💚🐸😚👑

  27. Treselens The Video watcher

    Treselens The Video watcher

    39 menit yang lalu

    Too bad the leaves cried

  28. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    39 menit yang lalu

    Billie eilish: *walks* 14 year old kids:that is so deep

  29. Nur Raheemah

    Nur Raheemah

    42 menit yang lalu

    0:39 no talk he angy

  30. Unknowned Leaf

    Unknowned Leaf

    44 menit yang lalu

    Surprised there’s no 14 year olds in the comments

  31. Alin Susan

    Alin Susan

    44 menit yang lalu

    Just imagine the original version of the animation for the song!

  32. Knoize


    49 menit yang lalu

    highlight : cause i~~~~~~~~M

  33. aquatic milkshake

    aquatic milkshake

    57 menit yang lalu

    But tbh Billie could make the best Netflix series

  34. Selene Hernandez

    Selene Hernandez

    58 menit yang lalu


    • blitz_


      40 menit yang lalu

      no lmao came here looking for 14 year olds who are depressed because their parents didnt buy them an ipad

  35. Adelly xP

    Adelly xP

    59 menit yang lalu

    Never been more hopeful for future self! Keep going me 😌 love yourself more than they try to take from you.

  36. Лизуня Лайф

    Лизуня Лайф

    59 menit yang lalu

    Тут вообще есть русские ? 🤔

  37. etienne etwman

    etienne etwman

    Jam Yang lalu

    chris hansen

  38. BearyShin


    Jam Yang lalu

    Billie Eilish Songs: Exist Tik Tok: *It's Free Real Estate*

  39. csaba csucs

    csaba csucs

    Jam Yang lalu


  40. Charlene Hernandez

    Charlene Hernandez

    Jam Yang lalu

    Ik I'm late but I hope tiktok doesnt ruin this song

    • blitz_


      39 menit yang lalu

      too late

  41. Pëëp『〆』


    Jam Yang lalu

    What this is slow voice pls make loud voice

  42. نِوٌر آحمـد

    نِوٌر آحمـد

    Jam Yang lalu

    jmylh w7zynh jjda 😻😔

  43. Sooraj S Nair

    Sooraj S Nair

    Jam Yang lalu


  44. Anne Dickinson

    Anne Dickinson

    Jam Yang lalu

    If Lana Del Rey had depression:

  45. S.Nurgül Öztürk

    S.Nurgül Öztürk

    Jam Yang lalu

    Türkçe altyazı var ne güzel

  46. Marcus W

    Marcus W

    Jam Yang lalu


  47. Thofan Suwannarod

    Thofan Suwannarod

    Jam Yang lalu

    ไม่เห็นคนไทยเลย มีคนไทยฟังเพลงนี้ไหม 🥰

  48. Mr Chill

    Mr Chill

    Jam Yang lalu

    Just need to add a little bit on the chest

  49. jasity lazcano

    jasity lazcano

    Jam Yang lalu


  50. KXMRXN


    Jam Yang lalu

    incredible, Billie. just, fucking incredible.

  51. MJ 2

    MJ 2

    Jam Yang lalu

    Muito bonita!!

  52. La Hydragon

    La Hydragon

    Jam Yang lalu

    When Billie Ellish sings, I imagine of her voice being created when two beautiful soft clouds rub with each other and create that beautiful soft sound. Like if u agree!

  53. BTS Army

    BTS Army

    Jam Yang lalu


  54. DarkAntennae


    Jam Yang lalu

    1000 likes and ill confess to my crush.. 🥺

  55. BLeedingtoenails21 21

    BLeedingtoenails21 21

    Jam Yang lalu


  56. PhoMeme


    Jam Yang lalu

    Claim your “I love Billie” Card here " my future " but in the rain ( lofi remix ) , give it a try guys :)

  57. Алиса Гамаюнова

    Алиса Гамаюнова

    Jam Yang lalu

    Я же не одна ищу русских в коментах?

  58. Brianna McCarthy

    Brianna McCarthy

    Jam Yang lalu

    Spiritually attached to this song 🥺



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