BTS Jungkook '10000 Hours (Full Ver.)' Lyrics

BTS Jungkook '10000 Hours (Full Ver.)' Lyrics
• Artist: Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber
• Song ♫: 10000 Hours (cover by 정국)
• Album: 10000 Hours
• Released:
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jungkook 10000 hours full lyrics
jungkook 10000 hours full ver lyrics


  1. itsme_ Ayunazz

    itsme_ Ayunazz

    5 menit yang lalu

    Beatiful voice ❣️

  2. Ivy Suico

    Ivy Suico

    7 menit yang lalu

    Omo! My heart 😍

  3. Mimi Mimita

    Mimi Mimita

    7 menit yang lalu

    أنا بنضلم كتير في المنزل وبنضرب وبحاول أنتحر بس لما تعرفت على حبايبي تغير كلشي ببكي وبدين بضحك وبقول عندي الله وبتس 😭😭😭

  4. 김민정


    18 menit yang lalu

    방탄 안티가 방탄 실력으로 까는 거 진짜 이해 안된다..😂

  5. Shreestha Panigrahi

    Shreestha Panigrahi

    20 menit yang lalu

    He is an ANGEL 👼😇

    • Shreestha Panigrahi

      Shreestha Panigrahi

      19 menit yang lalu

      He is not a human he is an Angel

  6. 지민


    20 menit yang lalu

    목소리가 진짜좋다😍 나도 이렇게 불렀으면😢😭

  7. Grace


    22 menit yang lalu

    at the "did you get your middle name from your grandma" part made me laugh insanely hard but then i realized i acc DID get my middle name from my grandma-

  8. 영서youngseo


    38 menit yang lalu

    Jungkook good❤

  9. Biee


    39 menit yang lalu

    Aje gile suara kookies mantep banget

  10. Family TV

    Family TV

    52 menit yang lalu

    So good

  11. SOBU Ansari

    SOBU Ansari

    59 menit yang lalu

    Jungkook voice is better than Justin

  12. Mickey Vergara

    Mickey Vergara

    Jam Yang lalu

    Jungkook have Angel voice

  13. Inthira Priyatharshini

    Inthira Priyatharshini

    Jam Yang lalu

    His songs are perfect English . Jk English no words to say.... Angel living in the world 😍.....

  14. joyce


    Jam Yang lalu

    imagine, jungkook singing this to you on your wedding day.

  15. cilz channel

    cilz channel

    Jam Yang lalu

    Itu suara kookie kuu

  16. Gema Sulangi

    Gema Sulangi

    Jam Yang lalu


  17. JK


    2 jam yang lalu

    그것을 사랑 loved it

  18. Xynelim


    2 jam yang lalu

    Suaranya astaga:( bagus bgt gilakkkk!!

  19. Amiya Sharma

    Amiya Sharma

    2 jam yang lalu

    Sweetest voice 😙💖 appreciation for learning English from full 💓💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  20. Rizalyn Damian

    Rizalyn Damian

    3 jam yang lalu

    Jungkook cant speak english but he can sing ❤️🤧

  21. Minh Phạm

    Minh Phạm

    3 jam yang lalu

    His voice is so soft and angelic Bow down to the English King

  22. I purple you

    I purple you

    3 jam yang lalu


  23. April Vang

    April Vang

    3 jam yang lalu

    Jung kook YASSSSS honey



    4 jam yang lalu

    Jungkook so cute

  25. Mary louise Sebugan

    Mary louise Sebugan

    4 jam yang lalu

    This is my favorite even it's bed time I keep this song as my alarm

  26. Caroline Syiem

    Caroline Syiem

    4 jam yang lalu

    In this play there is dislike likes and narrator Likes:Wow I love it when people press me when they watch this video I'm glad I got to be a like for this Angelic voiced man up there, wow he is handsome too... Narrator:then likes looks at dislikes and said.. Likes:hey man look at me I got so many likes on ma face... Dislike:Don't disturb me I'm chasing away haters.... Likes :love ya brother thanks for chasing them... Dislike:they are still touching my face.... No.... Narrator:since dislike was mistreated by the haters, a miracle happens... *Jungkook ver 10000 hours plays* Everyone: wow....... Dislike : I quit man.... I don't care who pressed my face.... The haters are just jealous.... Narrator: Everyone laughing at haters faces..... Hahahahahahahaha

  27. love jungkookie

    love jungkookie

    4 jam yang lalu

    No one: Caption at 0:03: "boy with luv to 1B rn" Me: Yess fighting!

  28. Moumita Islam

    Moumita Islam

    5 jam yang lalu

    Jungkook's English is gooood❤❤

  29. Shany Mayorga

    Shany Mayorga

    5 jam yang lalu

    It's Jimin the second voice?

    • 베리문 77 sim

      베리문 77 sim

      3 jam yang lalu

      there's not any jimin voice in this song all voices including chorus are only Jungkook

  30. ꧁-Bᴀʙʏ.Bᴇᴀʀ-꧂


    5 jam yang lalu

    Omg I'm 10👀 Now I'm waiting for those comments👌🏻

  31. Chandam Bina

    Chandam Bina

    5 jam yang lalu

    Best:full volume and with head phone

  32. LUV BTS Fans

    LUV BTS Fans

    5 jam yang lalu

    In the other world jungkook have more then 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 girl friends including u and me 💜

  33. Aishwarya K.

    Aishwarya K.

    5 jam yang lalu

    The fact that Justin Seagull sang for ARMYs while Justin Bieber sang for his wife makes my heart go UwU...... Edit:- I did get my middle name from my grandma, and when he sang it I thought,"How did hhe know????" 😳😳

  34. Haleyna Ysabelle Hernaez

    Haleyna Ysabelle Hernaez

    5 jam yang lalu

    This is the BEST cover of 10000 hours.

  35. Jahgsjjah Jajabhhj

    Jahgsjjah Jajabhhj

    5 jam yang lalu

    Aaaa jungkook

  36. yollande Keck

    yollande Keck

    6 jam yang lalu

    yes.just yes.

  37. Vijay Thapa

    Vijay Thapa

    6 jam yang lalu

    My favourite Jungkook BTS

  38. Sugar Brownie

    Sugar Brownie

    6 jam yang lalu


  39. ladyjane


    6 jam yang lalu


  40. Sassy K719

    Sassy K719

    6 jam yang lalu

    Jungkook is so cute

  41. Army supporter Bangtan OT7

    Army supporter Bangtan OT7

    7 jam yang lalu

    "I spent ten thousand hours ten thousand more oh if that what it takes to learn that sweetheart of yours and I might never get there but I'm gonna try I spent thousands hours of the rest of my life I'm gonna love you" Me:that lyrics makes me fell like me hehehehe

  42. Serendipity JK

    Serendipity JK

    7 jam yang lalu

    not being delulu AGAIN but in 2:00 the background voice sounds Jimin omgggggg

  43. Rista Tiwari

    Rista Tiwari

    8 jam yang lalu


  44. yahsiel diaz

    yahsiel diaz

    8 jam yang lalu

    vos de angel

  45. Orawee Thaochalee

    Orawee Thaochalee

    8 jam yang lalu


  46. 인어냥이


    8 jam yang lalu

    윽..나의 심장이..

  47. Ana Laza

    Ana Laza

    8 jam yang lalu

    Jungkook:did you get your middle name from your grandma Me:yes i did💜💜

  48. Engelene Gasologa

    Engelene Gasologa

    9 jam yang lalu

    jungkook got a nice voice

  49. Bess TV

    Bess TV

    10 jam yang lalu

    Love this Version! Hugs and kisses!

  50. Brenda Araújo

    Brenda Araújo

    10 jam yang lalu

    Já amei♥️♥️♥️

  51. Joy Alocillo

    Joy Alocillo

    10 jam yang lalu


  52. Sarah Li

    Sarah Li

    10 jam yang lalu

    Very good English pronunciation

  53. Sarah Li

    Sarah Li

    10 jam yang lalu

    the way JK sings suits English songs a lot

  54. Lovely.Lauren Lauren

    Lovely.Lauren Lauren

    10 jam yang lalu

    How dare 2.4k ppl dislike this song

  55. sel Ma

    sel Ma

    10 jam yang lalu

    Imagine Jungkook has a GF and he sang this for her

  56. Javiera Plaza

    Javiera Plaza

    10 jam yang lalu

    We me llegan a dedicar esa canción....... Me caso xd

  57. peepee poopoo

    peepee poopoo

    10 jam yang lalu

    Omggggggg im crying when he said the words : sweet heart of yours ☹️😭

  58. peepee poopoo

    peepee poopoo

    11 jam yang lalu

    Me everyday... every night : TelL Me whAt aRe yOu dReaMinG ....😭

  59. sugar cylo

    sugar cylo

    11 jam yang lalu

    Jungkookie you are the sweetest person with the best voice

  60. Ms Jadhav

    Ms Jadhav

    11 jam yang lalu

    After this song, i wanted just to drive through some fields