BLACKPINK "How You Like That" (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

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• Artist: BLACKPINK (블랙핑크)
• Song ♫: How You Like That
• Album: ‘How You Like That’ Pre Release Single
• Released: 2020.06.26
• Members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa
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  1. Neha


    7 jam yang lalu

    "Look up in the sky its a bird, its a plane" lyric is actually taken from *Pitbull's 'Timber' song* . You can hear it @ 1: 52 . Bop giving birth to another bop lol

  2. Ich liebe Bäume Weil Baum

    Ich liebe Bäume Weil Baum

    7 jam yang lalu

    Idk why but at first I thought she said "bring out the pottage" at 2:32 xD

  3. Rusi Anah

    Rusi Anah

    7 jam yang lalu

    Annyaong sahaeo

  4. woop woop

    woop woop

    8 jam yang lalu

    i really don't think this song is BAD but like,,,, it's not great either. considering this comeback was so long awaited I feel like it should have had better production value and better writing

  5. dimitra triadafyllou

    dimitra triadafyllou

    8 jam yang lalu

    What most of us do NOT understand is that not every song they realease will absolutely and without a doubt be a good song. Coming up with new ideas, music, lyrics and choreography it's not as simple as we think it is. Come on, I mean, think about it. I know that most of you are dissapointed and dissatisfied because you were waiting a whole year for a Blackpink comeback and their new release didn't please you as much as the other releases. I'm not coming at you and I'm not saying that what you're doing is wrong, but do not expect from them to give their 100% everytime they release something new. In my opinion the girls did great in this, so sassy, so savage, kinda simple as a whole but I still loved it. Better days will come y'all. Peace.



    8 jam yang lalu

    Its not that bad as people are saying i loved it

  7. koya xx

    koya xx

    8 jam yang lalu

    No hate, but I don't see anything new in their song. It's the same thing repeated over and over again. Yes, Blackpink has a lot of international fans and most of them don't know how to speak Korean, but that doesn't mean you mix random syllables and call it a song. Try to add some meaningful lyrics to it, words that paint a picture. Try to tell a story with your music. It's not just about the aesthetics. I know a lot of fans have been _yearning_ for this comeback, so it's quite a disappointment.

  8. Myoui Mina

    Myoui Mina

    8 jam yang lalu

    I became a Blink and this song is really good

  9. Tik tok Free fire

    Tik tok Free fire

    8 jam yang lalu


  10. n fafari

    n fafari

    8 jam yang lalu

    "Bring out your boss , bitch" Jennie part not Lisa

  11. Goma Deazeta

    Goma Deazeta

    9 jam yang lalu

    Iv havent watch this sens im 3 Years old

  12. danny deVito fan

    danny deVito fan

    9 jam yang lalu

    The opening music sounds like the OP of millionaire detective✌✌

  13. Shin Sekyung

    Shin Sekyung

    9 jam yang lalu


  14. soobhun roumina

    soobhun roumina

    9 jam yang lalu

    Lyrics: *Look at you and look at me* Me (hears): *Look at u ALL now look at me* 😐👂🏼🤔🤔🤔

  15. Thanh Hiền Đoàn

    Thanh Hiền Đoàn

    9 jam yang lalu


  16. Anthonette Mae Layam

    Anthonette Mae Layam

    9 jam yang lalu

    I like that

  17. Như Lan Bạch

    Như Lan Bạch

    9 jam yang lalu

    Bada bing Bada boom boom boom

  18. Isabelle Grace

    Isabelle Grace

    9 jam yang lalu

    Lisa just said a bad thing lol how you like that 🤣

  19. happiest


    10 jam yang lalu

    since it was released, I've been listening to it all day, but now that I've read the lyrics. Very dissapointing, same meaning of lyrics to their other songs? Just my opinion, I've been waiting to their comeback but really, the beat was dope but the lyrics is kinda out of sense? don't attack me please, I really love them

  20. 민아


    10 jam yang lalu

    please check out my cover for this if you don't mind! it's a reimagined version :)

  21. Laxy21


    10 jam yang lalu

    I noticed YG only make comeback songs that makes them look powerful. I really don't think that Blackpink or even maybe other artists get to write their own songs fr...

  22. leslie


    10 jam yang lalu

    I wish there was a short pause and a BLACKPINK before Lisa’s rap...



    10 jam yang lalu

    I prefer bts more than bp💜

  24. Forgive me Lord

    Forgive me Lord

    10 jam yang lalu

    Jaeguchu is getting exposed. oof-

  25. Mayieshaa Kapil

    Mayieshaa Kapil

    11 jam yang lalu

    i have a simple doubt and i might be wrong but dosen't Jennie sing the "Bring out your boss Bish part"???

  26. 풰밀리_


    11 jam yang lalu

    타팬이지만 이번 노래 진짜 레전드로 좋다.. 맨날 듣는중...

  27. Shreya Jhankal

    Shreya Jhankal

    11 jam yang lalu

    I feel really sad for these beautiful girls. Like YG didn't even TRY to use their potential. They are so talented but because they have basically have no right to choose what they want their songs to be like is why blinks don't get anything different. Yes, I was a blink last year but I had to say goodbye to blackpink because they weren't the revolution I expected them to be and they didn't make me excited for their comebacks. I really do hope that in the future, blackpink get to choose what they want to do with their careers because YG isn't very good at managing them AT ALL.

    • Zayan 101

      Zayan 101

      10 jam yang lalu


  28. Just Tanaka

    Just Tanaka

    11 jam yang lalu

    Huh yo ugh hguvigugugggu

  29. Just Tanaka

    Just Tanaka

    11 jam yang lalu


  30. Apple Juice

    Apple Juice

    11 jam yang lalu

    Is it their things to always include that badabing badaboom. What does that even mean? Nothing much the end of the songs just them singing tutururturururtururuturuturututuruutuu lmao what heck is that?🤣

  31. khang van trong

    khang van trong

    12 jam yang lalu

    I love video .Because the funny.

  32. khang van trong

    khang van trong

    12 jam yang lalu

    good video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  33. Natalie Dev

    Natalie Dev

    12 jam yang lalu

    It's perfect I'm not blink now but I like it very much!!!💖

  34. Elli Pink

    Elli Pink

    12 jam yang lalu

    vote for blackpink in idiago and idolshow were losing

  35. camrem martins

    camrem martins

    12 jam yang lalu

    I am laughing about "cock"in the subtitles...😂

  36. Tiffany Sison

    Tiffany Sison

    13 jam yang lalu

    why does "badabing badaboomboomboom" sound like that meme sound

  37. Aya Falah

    Aya Falah

    13 jam yang lalu

    lisa's rap has saved the comeback

  38. kim jem

    kim jem

    13 jam yang lalu


  39. 彡ʏᴍᴏʀɪ


    13 jam yang lalu

    네두눈을보여 I'll kiss you goodbye

  40. MARK Reignerr VEVO X

    MARK Reignerr VEVO X

    13 jam yang lalu

    I like how this lyric video has more views than the original m/v

  41. Trâm Anh Phạm

    Trâm Anh Phạm

    13 jam yang lalu

    보란 듯이 무너졌어 바닥을 뚫고 저 지하까지 옷 끝자락 잡겠다고 저 높이 두 손을 뻗어봐도 [Pre-Chorus: Rosé] 다시 캄캄한 이곳에 light up the sky 네 두 눈을 보며 I'll kiss you bye 실컷 비웃어라 꼴좋으니까 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 [Chorus: Jennie, Lisa, & Jisoo] Ha, how you like that? (Woo) You gon' like that, that-that-that, that, that-that-that, that How you like that? (Bada bing, bada boom, boom, boom) How you like that, that-that-that, that, that-that-that, that? [Post-Chorus: Lisa, Rosé, Jennie] Now, look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me How you like that? Now, look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me How you like that? [Verse 2: Lisa] Your girl need it all and that's a hundred 백 개 중에 백 내 몫을 원해 Karma come and get some 딱하지만 어쩔 수 없잖아 What's up? I’m right back 방아쇠를 cock back Plain Jane get hijacked, don't like me? Then tell me how you like that, like that [Pre-Chorus: Jennie & Jisoo] 더 캄캄한 이곳에 shine like the stars 그 미소를 띠며 I'll kiss you goodbye 실컷 비웃어라 꼴좋으니까 이제 너희 하나 둘 셋 [Chorus: Rosé, Jennie, Jisoo & Lisa] Ha, how you like that? (Woo) You gon' like that, that-that-that, that, that-that-that, that How you like that? (Bada bing, bada boom, boom, boom) How you like that, that-that-that, that, that-that-that, that? [Post-Chorus: Lisa, Rosé, Jennie] Now, look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me How you like that? Now, look at you now, look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me (Uh) Look at you, now look at me How you like that? [Bridge: Rosé, Jisoo, Lisa & All] 날개 잃은 채로 추락했던 날 어두운 나날 속에 갇혀 있던 날 그때쯤에 넌 날 끝내야 했어 Look up in the sky It's a bird, it's a plane Yeah-eah-eah-eah Bring out your boss bitch Yeah-eah-eah-eah BLACKPINK! [Outro: All, Rosé & Jennie] Ddu, ddu, ddu, ddu-ddu-ddu Ddu, ddu, ddu, ddu-ddu-ddu How you like that? Ddu, ddu, ddu, ddu-ddu-ddu Ddu, ddu, ddu, du-du-du-ddu You gon' like that Ddu, ddu, ddu, ddu-ddu-ddu Ddu, ddu, ddu, ddu-ddu-ddu How you like that? Ddu, ddu, ddu, ddu-ddu-ddu Ddu, ddu, ddu, du-du-du-ddu

  42. Sarbjit Singh

    Sarbjit Singh

    13 jam yang lalu

    Awesome voice 👌

  43. KKMJPKJ Janet

    KKMJPKJ Janet

    13 jam yang lalu

    2016: Blackpink in your area 2020: Blackpink in your area

  44. No Tea No Shade

    No Tea No Shade

    13 jam yang lalu

    I see a lot of comments saying "Their style is the same" "Its Ktl 2.0" "They always have the same concept". Well deal with it. If some of yall can't be grateful then stop listening to their music, cause there are Blinks who were so excited for the Pre-release and likes this song. People can have an opinion, but even Blackpink were sooo excited to let us hear "How you like that" and they even worked hard and there we go they get comments like "Its always the same concept". Even if its the same concept deal with it they are Blackpink.

  45. marc richard lisen

    marc richard lisen

    14 jam yang lalu


  46. Rose Siow

    Rose Siow

    15 jam yang lalu

    Hmm not much too say but black pink should make more songs

  47. Сая Жумадилова

    Сая Жумадилова

    15 jam yang lalu

    Просто Супер'

  48. Toko :0

    Toko :0

    15 jam yang lalu

    Guys you're aren't doing anything just by saying "I understand your opinion" and going off. Let's all say are opinion but not hating. You know? :)

  49. Kucing Fam

    Kucing Fam

    15 jam yang lalu

    I love the girls but not YG . The songwriter and composer who make this song . I agree it's have the same style like DDD and KTL . But , some of u guys hating THE GIRLS not the COMPOSER and SONGWRITER itself. That's not fair. Blackpink u did a good job for this comeback . The songwriter and composer should make a lot of varieties in song. So our girls can shine while performing those songs. Love u Queens

  50. Nicole Marie dela Cruz

    Nicole Marie dela Cruz

    16 jam yang lalu

    Nq adik na ko

  51. L


    16 jam yang lalu

    take out the long intro of Lisa’s “BP in your area” and the last minute of the “dundundundundun” dance break and you’ll realise the song is only about 2 minutes long. 14 months of waiting for a 2 minute comeback that sounds like 2018 blackpink. Is YG serious rn???

  52. Sabrina


    16 jam yang lalu

    sounds like trash tbh

    • Zayan 101

      Zayan 101

      10 jam yang lalu


    • Zayan 101

      Zayan 101

      10 jam yang lalu


  53. Appourva Kohli

    Appourva Kohli

    16 jam yang lalu

    "Look up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane." Others- what does this line even mean.. such a mess up. Me- "while singing it through the whole day" THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST LINE EVER!!!!

  54. Jaafar Abdullah

    Jaafar Abdullah

    16 jam yang lalu

    Waw amazing song 😊

  55. fighting 101

    fighting 101

    16 jam yang lalu

    *"Bring your boss bitch"* sounded and felt more like jennie tho. Lisa's voice is kinda deeper and lower and has a different vibe

  56. Patricia McCauley

    Patricia McCauley

    17 jam yang lalu

    yesssssssssssssssssssssssss qeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  57. Isaac Javier

    Isaac Javier

    17 jam yang lalu

    𝗧𝗼 𝗯𝗲 𝗵𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘁. 𝗜 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀 𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗴

  58. __ shae

    __ shae

    17 jam yang lalu

    fans can’t just accept constructive criticism now. I MEAN DOES THE LYRICS MEAN SOMETHING EVEN????????

  59. Idah Fizha

    Idah Fizha

    17 jam yang lalu

    They just sound like remix

  60. Chris Lee

    Chris Lee

    17 jam yang lalu

    Bad comments are meant to be ignored

  61. Lana Hanash

    Lana Hanash

    17 jam yang lalu

    I noticed that jisoo only had like two lines but I think it might be because it’s not her type of song style

  62. AnandaChannel12 •

    AnandaChannel12 •

    18 jam yang lalu

    Lisa Soo Pretty

  63. Jhea espinosa

    Jhea espinosa

    18 jam yang lalu

    Lisa's voice is fire and jennie,rosé,jisoo is super duper cool

  64. Kwon Joshua

    Kwon Joshua

    18 jam yang lalu

    It is me or its really sounds like the iKon's song, i dunno what song is that but they sound alike at the beginning

  65. Blah Montemayor

    Blah Montemayor

    18 jam yang lalu

    YG's producers dont make powerful and rich choruses anymore.

  66. Rosé Hernandez

    Rosé Hernandez

    19 jam yang lalu

    Am I the only one who actually likes a song and actually knows the meaning behind it and actually paid attention to every detail in the music video? And actually paid attention to what the member said about the meaning of it. Because it seems like it

  67. Asmita Pungavkar

    Asmita Pungavkar

    19 jam yang lalu


  68. Coleen _

    Coleen _

    19 jam yang lalu

    Their songs are always the same. They are overly hyped because of frequent comebacks. It’s just disappointing to wait for their new song only to get more beats and nonsense lyrics. But in the end it doesn’t matter since everyone loves them and criticizing them will only label you as a hater. I just hope they can do better in music than doing commercials. At this point rookie groups can make better songs than them.

  69. MidnightWolfiePlays


    19 jam yang lalu


  70. Coleen _

    Coleen _

    19 jam yang lalu

    Blackpink don’t release songs that often to keep the fans hungry and excited for the next comeback. That will make their new released song receive a lot of attention. Classic YG move.

  71. Park Yejin

    Park Yejin

    19 jam yang lalu

    What kind of Programs, you use to make this Video?

  72. •3•빼액


    19 jam yang lalu

    작사작곡 누가했냐

    • 연무새씨


      16 jam yang lalu

      (한국인 만나서 흥분함)와아아앙 !!!



    20 jam yang lalu

    It's just pre release song. Stop complaint about my queens! If you're BLINK stop spread rude words here. Before I kick your ass.

  74. G G

    G G

    20 jam yang lalu

    "Jennie": bring out your boss bitch

  75. umi sabililah official

    umi sabililah official

    20 jam yang lalu

    di blacpink aku fans semuanya 😘semuanya cantik dan bagus suaranya

  76. Hippa Jst

    Hippa Jst

    20 jam yang lalu

    it's not lisa say .....bitch !! is jennie i thank

  77. Salmaa08


    21 jam yang lalu

    A nice song to hear is blackpink

  78. Eiryves


    22 jam yang lalu

    they served

  79. Kpop Center

    Kpop Center

    22 jam yang lalu

    Tutorial please!!!!!

  80. Ludy Tochhawng

    Ludy Tochhawng

    Hari Yang lalu

    I'm an Army and though I'm not blink, I really like Jisoo's voice.